FAFICS is the Federation of Associations of Former International Civil Servants. It was founded in 1975.


• It brings together Associations of retired International Civil Servants from the United Nations and the Specialized Agencies of the UN. There are currently 63 Member Associations of FAFICS, located in all regions of the world, with a total membership of about twenty thousand retirees.


• FAFICS provides a framework for promoting and defending the interests of former civil servants, most notably in pension and health insurance issues. To this end, it keeps abreast of developments at the UN General Assembly and other Governing Bodies of UN System Organizations.

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 Recent News


20-25 July 2018 at FAO

The 47th Council of FAFICS will be held in Rome at the headquarters of FAO, from  Friday 20 July through Wednesday 25 July 2018. Our member association FFOA-Rome , will be hosting this council session.    


Friday 20 July 2018 - Meetings will be held in the Malaysia Room starting at 9:30am


Monday 23 thru Wednesday 25 July 2018- Meetings will be held in Iraq room starting at 9am


13 April 2018

FAFICS Bureau will be meeting from 16 April thru 18 April 2018 at the Vienna International Centre and the member association ARICSA will be hosting this meeting.


28 February 2018



10 January 2018

Latest updates on UNJSPF from the President of FAFICS (2018-01-08) [PDF]


Letter to the UN Sec General from the Specialised Agencies' Participants' reps (2017-12-17) [PDF]


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2018-08-08 FAFICS Member Associations (AEFNUP-Peru)


2018-08-02 FAFICS Member Associations (AFNU-MG Madagascar)


2018-08-02 FAFICS Member Associations (AAFNU-MR Mauritania)


2018-07-11 Publications of FAFICS Member Associations


2018-06-23 FAFICS Member Associations (AFICS-MSB Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei)


2018-06-20 FAFICS Member Associations (AAFICS-Australia)




 Federation Structure

The Federation is a non-profit association with its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland (see Statutes).

The governing body of the Federation is the FAFICS Council, which elects the Federation Officers.


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